Size chart (Bra / Sports Bra)

Bra / Sports Bra 



Measure around your chest, just under your bust, and round to the nearest centimeter.



65 63-67cm
70 68-72cm
75 73-77cm
80 78-82cm
85 83-87cm
90 88-92cm



Measure the fullest part of your bust and round it to the nearest centimeter.



Fullbust minus Underbust

A 10-12.5cm
B 12.5-15cm
C 15-17.5cm
D 17.5-20cm
E 20-22.5cm
F 22.5-25cm


Sister sizes

Different bra styles have different cutting and texture, if you find your true size doesn't fit you well, you can consider sister sizes. For example, you are 75B, your sister sizes are 70C and 80A, try 80A if the underband is too tight, try 70C if the underband is too loose. 

You can refer to the cup correspondence table below to find your sister sizes.

Measuring Guide

You can determine your size through the following methods:

  • You can use a soft measuring tape and measure according to the horizontal line indicated in the diagram below.
  • Underbust: Measure around the bottom line of the chest.
  • Bust: Measure at the highest point of the chest on a horizontal line.
  • Cup size: Calculate the difference between the underbust and bust measurements.